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We are a Leading Automotive Company in Indonesia. Our main business, specially in Automotive License & Auto Workshop Equipment.
When we talk about Automotive Industry, It has widely covered in many sectors of business. We offer Services in Automotive License Development for Car and Motorcycle Maintenance, such as : Rainbow Express Car Wash, Auto Detailing Salon, Paint Protection, Rust Protection, Oil Service, Accessories, Interior Car Leather, and additional service in set up Cafe.
MACSAUTO, offering Concept "Onestop Automotive Center" in License Concept for Cars and Motor Vehicles Maintenance.
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Rainbow Shampoo Snow / Creamy Shampoo (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & snow white)

Washing of vehicles by using scented shampoos Shampoo Creamy, with a content of 75% waxed & pH 7 (balanced) and the use of highly efficient due to a liter of shampoo can be used to wash 200 cars / 600 motor.

  • Step 1 Perfect polished :
    Raised crust, mushrooms and finely scrapes on the vehicle body.
  • Step 2 Paint Raising Polished :
    Restore the original color so that the vehicle paint color will come back like new paint and restore the metallic color of the vehicle.
  • Step 3 Perfect Last Finish :
    Vehicle paint coating that slows the growth of crust & mushrooms, as well as vehicle mebuat looks shiny / glossy wet look.
  • Leather Cream :
    Clean all upholstery and accessories of vehicles which are made of genuine leather / syntetic.
  • Finishing Glass Cleaner :
    Cleaning the glass from the crust and prevent mold and mildew growth on the glass of the vehicle.
  • Vinyl and Plastic Protection :
    Clean the car's interior is made of Vinyl Plastic and make it look more shiny.
  • Tar Eliminator :
    Eliminating the remnants of asphalt remaining on the body of vehicle quickly and safely.