Welcome to Our Website MACSAUTO.
We are a Leading Automotive Company in Indonesia. Our main business, specially in Automotive License & Auto Workshop Equipment.
When we talk about Automotive Industry, It has widely covered in many sectors of business. We offer Services in Automotive License Development for Car and Motorcycle Maintenance, such as : Rainbow Express Car Wash, Auto Detailing Salon, Paint Protection, Rust Protection, Oil Service, Accessories, Interior Car Leather, and additional service in set up Cafe.
MACSAUTO, offering Concept "Onestop Automotive Center" in License Concept for Cars and Motor Vehicles Maintenance.
If you need to consult and get further information. Do not hesitate to contact our Head Quarter to discuss furthermore. Thank you. Keep spirit and success!
Our Service
Wash Care

1.Body Care
Original wash shampoo only on the car body

2.Original Snow Wash
Original wash shampoo containing pH 7 (balanced)

3.Rainbow Snow Wash
Washing with shampoo that smelled Rainbow Snow Wash., with 75% Wax content and pH 7 (balanced)

4.Deluxe Wash
Wash + Body polishes remove asphalt + views Wax

Salon Care

1.Scrub Wash Luxury
Wash + Body polishes remove asphalt + Wax + eliminate fungus views

Body Scrub, polish glass, clean the mushrooms ,crust, light, light scratches, and providing protective substances on the car body

Ceiling upholstery cleaning, dasrboard, dostrim and carpet (carpet the bottom)

Clean the walls of the engine, a former oil on the outside of the engine block, cables and body parts in the machine

5.Window & Windshield Care
Nursing entire windshield of the fungus and rain water crust

6.Total Car Care (Full Packet)
Care package (Luxury Scrub Wash, Exterior, Interior, Engine and Window & Windshield Care)

7.Paint Protection
Provides protective coating for the substance / coating paint a new car, use car paint to protect from UV rays and prevent the rapid infiltration of mushrooms, acid rain on car paint.

8.Anti Rust
provide protective coating on the bottom (under the tires, block bottom) thoroughly so that melindungan of substances that cause rust & corrosion.

Other Treatment

1.Oli Plastics