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We are a Leading Automotive Company in Indonesia. Our main business, specially in Automotive License & Auto Workshop Equipment.
When we talk about Automotive Industry, It has widely covered in many sectors of business. We offer Services in Automotive License Development for Car and Motorcycle Maintenance, such as : Rainbow Express Car Wash, Auto Detailing Salon, Paint Protection, Rust Protection, Oil Service, Accessories, Interior Car Leather, and additional service in set up Cafe.
MACSAUTO, offering Concept "Onestop Automotive Center" in License Concept for Cars and Motor Vehicles Maintenance.
If you need to consult and get further information. Do not hesitate to contact our Head Quarter to discuss furthermore. Thank you. Keep spirit and success!

Excess in MACSAUTO

We have the products 'Creamy Shampoo' which use very sparingly. Developed by the name of its popular 'Rainbow Snow Wash'. Shampoo is very economical products used in the business of washing cars and vehicles, due to a liter of shampoo can be used to wash 75 cars / 225 vehicles, while another one liter of shampoo can be used only for approximately 25 cars. Creamy Shampoo has eight colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Snow White with the aroma of fruit and flowers, and the latest colors Blended Coffee-flavored coffee. Remarkably, this shape creamy shampoo products, packaged in 5 kg packs a very economical and has been marketed in Malaysia.
MACSAUTO focus on their core business and the salon car wash packages as well as motor vehicles, but other services are also available, such as paint protection, spooring balancing, oil change, anti-rust, accessories, and interior seat cover. Our expectation of this business diversification is a positive innovation for the license or its clients. That is, if customers wash and salon cars and motorcycles are satisfied, then it will use other services. If this happens, then the gain would be more available and faster return on investment. That must be retained is that consumer trust is essential for the outlet. Talk about price, price of services and salons wash cars and vehicles in MACSAUTO not far adrift with the price of similar companies service an existing one, even cheaper.
This is because the factors used shampoo usage is more economical compared with salon owners and car washing services as well as other motor vehicles. So will automatically reduce production costs and generate greater profits for the same outlet. Snow Wash Rainbow technology combined with the 'Creamy Shampoo' which contains 75% special wax and shampoo are safe levels for vehicles. Rainbow Snow grades Shampoo pH-7, because Shampoo levels above pH 7 and pH below 7 is acidic, alkaline, which can cause rust and corrosion. Rainbow Shampoo Snow has attractive colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Snow White with the scent of flowers and fruit, and Blended Coffee with the scent of coffee mixed with chocolate. After washing, the result will look very shiny. In MACSAUTO, customer service and quality products used very concerned, apart from that 'Creamy Shampoo' Our product is very economical to use in outlets, very frugal, so the profit margin even greater. With one liter Shampoo can be used for approximately 75 cars / 225 motor. Very frugal rather ...?

Auto Service Salon in MACSAUTO detailing consists of a variety of packages, like: Salon Interior, Exterior Salon, Salon Engine, Window & Windshield care, or full detailing package Auto Salon, with the overall service coverage. We use a blend themselves with the brand name drug "MY AUTO CARE" which has been distributed and used by Salon-Salon Car or Motor Indonesia. Since we issued this Salon drugs, proved a very good response from the owners of the outlets Salon Car / Motor, repeat orders in a short time indicates that the drugs our salon is very accepted by society. Proved the power of medicine can preserve and protect the vehicle in a long time.
Why do consumers need to take care of their vehicles on a regular basis? Weather in Indonesia and the pollution which has become-so make a display of vehicles will quickly dull, if not treated, the color of paint will soon fade, and the resulting mushroom crust on the body and engine, and the interior is not well maintained vehicle will make driving uncomfortable. The best advice for vehicle well maintained is: Wash your vehicle at least two times a week, Scrub Wash Deluxe / Luxury once every two weeks to maintain the sheen of vehicles and raise mushrooms (with Wash Polishes Luxury), and regular salon treatments every four months, to make vehicle display always looks clean and always look new. Lazy to wash a vehicle means allowing dust and dirt that accumulate to create fine scratches / spider web in the body of vehicle.
MACSAUTO cooperate with Savio Car Leather, for workmanship Interior Seat Cover / wrap the seat. By emphasizing quality, detailed craftsmanship, precision, and innovative, and supported by an experienced workforce. Ascertained, the quality of workmanship will not disappoint, we are prioritizing the neatness and strength stitching. Consumer sales price also competitive, so that the outlet can be competitive with business peers. In MACSAUTO, Car Leather Interior service is an additional service to consumers, is expected with the diversity of types of services provided at the outlet can increase the turnover of revenue. We use high quality ingredients for genuine leather, synthetic leather, thread, yarn accessories, as well as other support materials that have proven their quality.
For synthetic leather, we use a brand of MB Tech Sporty / MB Tech Superior / MB Tech Camaro, Accura (Grade A); Camry & Rohan (Grade B). Scope of services for Leather Car Interior craftsmanship includes: Seat Cover, Doortrim, wrap steering wheel, Ceiling, and Carpet Association. Automotive business development, MACSAUTO provide all types of workshop equipment, with training provided for utilization. So outlets can expand its business to "Onestop Automotive Service Center". Complete service will make customers feel comfortable and do not need to go elsewhere to take care of their vehicles.