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We are a Leading Automotive Company in Indonesia. Our main business, specially in Automotive License & Auto Workshop Equipment.
When we talk about Automotive Industry, It has widely covered in many sectors of business. We offer Services in Automotive License Development for Car and Motorcycle Maintenance, such as : Rainbow Express Car Wash, Auto Detailing Salon, Paint Protection, Rust Protection, Oil Service, Accessories, Interior Car Leather, and additional service in set up Cafe.
MACSAUTO, offering Concept "Onestop Automotive Center" in License Concept for Cars and Motor Vehicles Maintenance.
If you need to consult and get further information. Do not hesitate to contact our Head Quarter to discuss furthermore. Thank you. Keep spirit and success!
BUSINESS tantalizing

MACSAUTO an Automotive Company, developed the concept of Licenses, has integrated this prospective business.
We focus on vehicle maintenance, such as the Rainbow Snow Wash, Auto detailing salon, Paint Protection, Rust Protection, Spooring Balancing, Oil Service, accessories, and Interior Seat Cover.

Every car and motor vehicles always require treatment to be durable, looks clean, has a lifetime / long usability, and comfortable ride. Machine maintenance, interior, exterior, and vehicle body should be done at least every four months minimum, to prevent the growth of fungi and scale, and rinse the vehicle minimum of two times a week. Recommended as regular maintenance, take the package Polishes Wash once every two weeks to maintain the luster of the vehicle. Because the soft berets / spider web on the vehicle body caused by dust and dirt that accumulate, making the display look dull and the body of vehicle paint color becomes not bright.

That is what explains why the car care business and motor vehicles, and laundry center and salon cars and motor vehicles are always visited by customers. At MACSAUTO, services actually paid attention, ranging from consumer since arrived and were greeted by friendly customer service, up to the washing system is really clean. We are sure that after washing the vehicle, no more water was still dripping, still frosted glass, tires under the car / spakboard really clean and no grease or dirt stuck to the ground. Before the car came out, consumers directly check the condition of their vehicles, if they are not satisfied, we'll wash your back. That's what differentiates us from the car wash services or motor vehicles in general. We build consumer trust with maximum service, originated from Wash services, having satisfied itself on any consumer shall entrust care of their vehicles at the outlet MACSAUTO.

Originally MACSAUTO establishment is a business consultant in the car wash and salon & vehicles, we have many outlets to handle a car wash and salon as well as motor vehicles. For example one outlet, a car wash and salon in Yogyakarta, the average monthly turnover of salon only handle about 10 cars, now receive an average of more than 30 cars per month. It took three months to fix our management and operational systems, but the outcome is satisfactory. We understand what must be done to boost the turnover of company cars and vehicle maintenance.